Spikenard Anointing Oils - Jerusalem
Spikenard of Mary 1/4 oz

Spikenard Anointing Oils - Jerusalem

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Spikenard of Mary Anointing Oil - Jerusalem

Size: 7.5 ml - (1/4 oz)
SPIKENARD -  ( Also known as Nard) is mentioned a number of times in the Old Testament. It is mentioned in the biblical love poem, the Song of Solomon (1:12 and 4:13). 

During ancient times, Spikenard was the most expensive perfume in the world. A pound was said to cost an entire years salary for the average worker. 

Spikenard was considered a herb of love, thus when Mary of Bethany poured out her perfume without reservation, it became a powerful symbol of abandoned worship. Her extravagant love caused a chain reaction. Those around became indignant but that didn't stop her from boldly proceeding to anoint the One she loved. Yeshua vindicated her and her name will always be remembered and her fragrant worship spoken of. 

Song 4:13-14 - Spikenard is, by far, one of the most lovely and powerful symbols of worship. 

Mary came boldly, humbly, and without fear of man to worship her Lord. Mary cast aside the indignant remarks made about her and set her heart and affection on the Lover of her soul. She anointed Yeshua with the costliest and most valuable thing she possessed. Mary poured out all she had without reservation. As she abandoned herself to the Lord, the house was filled with the fragrance of her worship. 

This fragrance reminds us to live a lifestyle of extravagant worship poured out upon our Beloved Lord and Savor.

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