Sterling Silver Shofar Pendant
Shofar Pendant - comes with 18" chain

Sterling Silver Shofar Pendant

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Part Number:shofar-pendant-Messianic
Sterling Silver Shofar Pendant - gift box included
Height - .75 inch / 2 cm includes 18" sterling silver chain
The Shofar is a religious instrument that has been used in Judaism to praise G-d since Biblical times. It is made of rams horn or antelope horn. A shofar is considered kosher because it meets a high standard of quality and was prepared under strict Jewish Rabbinical supervision.
The shofar can be used throughout the year serving to call all to worship the word of G-d. They are found in congregations and churches of all denominations to open prayer services.
The shofar blast is a powerful soul stirring sound used by angels to signal the coming of the Son of Man.

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