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Brass Resin Incense Burner -09

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Incense Burner Only Please
Add Gift Box, 1 oz Frankincense & Myrrh Incense, Charcoal Tablet (+$4.95)
Add Gift Box, 1 oz Myrrh Incense, Charcoal Tablet (+$4.95)
Add Gift Box, 1 oz Magi Incense - Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Charcoal Tablet (+$4.95)
Add Gift Box, 1 oz Frankincense Incense, Charcoal Tablet (+$4.95)
Brass Resin Incense Burner - 3" x 1" plus base

Brass Burner Designed To Work With Charcoal Tablets And Resin Incense. Place The Charcoal Tablet On The Metal Screen And Light. This Allows Air To Circulate And Burn Evenly. A Small Wooden Base Helps Absorb The Heat. 

Purchase Incense Burn Alone for base price. 



Make It A Gift Set By Adding One Of The Options! 


Gift set comes with gift box, 1 oz of incense of your choice, and a charcoal tablet.

To use:  Place the charcoal tablet in a censer or heat proof dish.  Light the edge of the tablet with a match or taper.  The tablet will then light across its surface.  If you have difficulty getting the tablet to burn you may wish to break it into smaller pieces.

 For best results crush the incense into a finer texture.  Use a spoon or tweezers to drop your incense onto the lighted tablet.  The tablet should be left to burn out and cool in the censer.  (If the tablet is to be extinguished before it is fully cooled, then place in a container of cold water).

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