Cedar Wood - Cedrus atlantica - Himalayan India

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Cedar Wood Essential Oil
(please note: cedarwood from Himalayan India is presently not available. CEDAR WOOD (THUJA) CHINA will be substituted.)
Latin name: Cedrus atlantica
Extraction Method - STEAM DISTILLED - not for internal use
Cedarwood can be used for the making of incense sticks and are a wonderful fragrance; however we have found they take extra length of time to dry and tend to still seep through ziplock incense bags.
Can be used in oil burner but we suggest you use a foil liner to protect your burn so it can be used for other oils.
As an added service we offer a limited amount of essential oils. All oils are bottled in glass amber bottles to preserve quality.
Larger sizes are available upon request.
Cautions: Do not use on the skin. Avoid during pregnancy
Certificate Of Analysis Sheet

Origin: INDIA Product Information
Extraction Method: STEAM DISTILLED
Parts Used: WOOD
Quality: 100% PURE & NATURAL
Cultivation: WILDCRAFTED
Shelf Life: > THAN 2 YEARS

Analysis Specifications

Appearance: Fluid Liquid
Color: Yellowish to Brown Yellow (When Crude)
Odor: The odor is somewhat viscous & of rich, sweet-woody almost
Balsamic & having the characteristic odor of Cedar Wood.
Botanical Source: Cedrus Deodara
CAS No.: 8000-27-9

Specific Gravity: 0.936
Refractive Index: 1.5117
Optical Rotation: +61 deg C
Flash Point: 118 deg C
Solubility: Soluble in Alcohol and other Organics solvents & insoluble in water.
Main Constituents: Himachalene, himachalol, alohimachalol, iso-alohimachalol, deodrone & atlantone.
5 Stars
Great Oil!
This cedarwood oil was kind of hard to come by locally so I am happy to have found it here from my favorite incense/oil shop ?? it smells great.
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Reviewed by:  from Atlanta. on 2/7/2021

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