Myrrh - Commiphora myrrha - Somalia

Myrrh - Commiphora myrrha - Somalia

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Myrrh Essential Oil

Latin name: Commiphora myrrha
Extraction Method - STEAM DISTILLED
Myrrh along with Frankincense is one of the most common anointing oil mixtures.
Myrrh is also one of the oils in the Temple (Exodus 30) oil.
As an added service we offer a limited amount of essential oils. All oils are bottled in glass amber bottles to preserve quality. Larger sizes are available upon request.
 Certificate Of Analysis Sheet


Product Information
Extraction Method: STEAM DISTILLED
Parts Used: GUM
Quality: 100% PURE & NATURAL
Cultivation: WILDCRAFTED

   Analysis Specifications

Appearance: Pale yellow to amber-colored liquid.
Odour: Warm-spicy aromatic odor.
VALUE Refractive index 20 deg C (ISO280)...............1.5257
Optical rotation 20 deg C (ISO592)...............-114.80 deg
Specific gravity 20/20 (ISO279)..................1.011

Shelf life (months before re-analysing) 36
Storage conditions: Full tight containers in a cool and dry place protected from heat and light.
FOOD BSE STATEMENT: We guarantee, that the product delivered to you and its ingredients are not manufactured from specified risk materials from bovine, ovine and caprine animal species as defined in the commission's decision 2000/418/EEC. This product is not from animal origin. This product does not contain any ingredient of animal origin or derived from animals.
GMO STATEMENT: The products or any of their ingredients are not derive from genetically modified material. The products or any of their ingredients do not contain any genetically modified material.
We hereby confirm that the above mentioned product contain no animal products and/or ethyl alcohol. The source of the product is vegetable. The equipment used for manufacturing this product is not used for the manufacture of the other products of animal origin or products containing ingredients of animal origin. The product is stored separately from products of animal origin or products containing such ingredients.
the material does not contain any of the following products.
-Cereals and 1400 series thickeners containing gluten, ie wheat, rye, barley, oats or their hybridised strains and products of these.
-Crustacea and products of these (ie prawn, crab)
-Egg, unpasteurised egg and egg products.
-Fish and fish products.
-Peanuts and products of these including oils.
-Milk and milk products.
-Tree nuts and products of these.
-Sesame seeds and products of these.
-Sulphites in concentrations of 1.0mg/kg or more
-Propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly
-Mono Sodium Glutamate.
This product conforms to the last IFRA restriction.
European Cosmetic Directive: This product does not contain any substance listed in AnnexII or any substance prohibited for cosmetics products.
This product does not contain any substances listed in AnnexIII-VII (preservatives, dyes, UV-stabilizers)
C.M.R. Substance Declaration according 7th amendament of Annex:
Does not contain any CMR substances.
POLYCYCLIC MUSK: Does not contain any polycyclic musk.
NITRO MUSC: Does not contain any nitro musk.
OTHER ANIMAL TESTING STATEMENT: We certify that the product has not been tested on animals.
IMPURITIES: This product does not contain solvents(aromatic, halogenated...),pesticides, heavy metals.

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