Prayer Shawl - Tallit - Black & Gold 24x72

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Prayer Shawl - Black & Gold 

Size: 24" By 72" Around the Shoulders   |   MADE IN ISRAEL

Acrylic Fabric / Comes in a Plastic Carrying Bag 

Every Prayer Shawl has an inscription of Praise in Hebrew:
"Bring us to Zion Your city singing, to Jerusalem 
Your sanctuary with everlasting joy" and beautiful decorations.

"Blessed are You, Lord, our God, Ruler of the universe,
 who makes us holy with commandments, 
and has commanded us to wrap ourselves in the Tzitzit".

What is a Talit (Tallit)?  It is a prayer shawl, the most authentic Jewish garment.
It is a piece of linen or wool with special fringes on each of the four corners.

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