The High Priest Chest-Piece

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The High Priest ~ Aaron Chest Piece ~ 

Inside the Messianic Seal This artistically designed necklace is made of high grade 925 Sterling Silver.
Size including the bail: 1.1/2" x 6/8" (4cm) Attractively gift boxed with FREE 18" Sterling Silver chain.  
The Fish, the Star of David and the Menorah - Accented by the 12 brilliant stones symbolizing the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the center. At the base the Fish is adorned with large sparkling CZ stone. Original gift with essence, history and beauty for any occasion.
An eye-catcher original piece of jewelry! Add Meaning to your Jewelry Collection * These early Christian signs; the Fish, the Star of David and the Menorah symbolizes the foundation of the Christian faith. It is patterned after emblems found on a number of artifacts believed to have been used by first century Jewish followers of Christ, combining early Christian and Jewish symbols!
* "And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying: Then, with the most careful workmanship make a chestpiece. Use the same materials as you did for the Ephod: fine linen cloth embroidered with gold thread and blue, purple, and scarlet yarn. The stones shall be according to the names of the children of Israel twelve. Each stone will represent one of the tribes of Israel, and the name of that tribe will be engraved on it as though it were a seal." (Exodus 28;15)
 *** They come to you with cards "About the Messianic Symbols" and "The High Priest Chest-Piece"

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