Joan - family

All three of her children were heavily involved with drugs, alcohol, and sexual immorality. Joan had heard the teaching on anointing cloths. She didn't realize she should use olive oil but in her desperation and belief in God she started anointing the kids clothes with vegetable oil using it as anointing oil whenever she washed their laundry.

One year later while Joan was on vacation with her husband an evangelist came to visit their church. The oldest son was curious so he went and sat on the front row to see what the guy was all about. His dad had told him if you truly wanted to know what something was about get up front so you can see. He accepted Jesus as his savior that night.

The daughter was desperate for money and accepted a babysitting job caring for the nursery in the church during the on going meetings. One night no children came so she went up stairs and sat in the very back to see what was going on. She accepted Jesus as her Savior that night.

The third, another son, came to find out what was going on with his two older siblings. He also accepted Jesus as his savior.

Needless to say when Joan and her husband returned from their vacation they found a completely different family. All the kids could talk about was God. Christian music was booming from the house and if they weren't at home at night they were at church. When the kids and parents got together and began to share Joan discovered that one year earlier all three had begun to pull away from their friends and lose interest in the things of the world. They were ripe and ready when the evangelist came to town.

This is just one of many stories we have heard such as this from the use of anointing oils and anointing cloths.