Mabel - anointed poster

Someone kept taking down Mabel's posters announcing the Sunday evening church services at the senior citizen hotel where she lived.

Mabel felt she knew who was taking down the posters she put up each week announcing the Sunday evening church services she had helped to plan. One of the ladies that lived at the hotel was not quiet about letting everyone know how much she hated the Bible and anything to do with "this Jesus".

In Mabel's frustration she finally took the new poster and anointed it with anointing oil and prayed "Lord, if anyone tries to take this poster down again just zap him or her!" The next day to Mabel's amazement the poster was still there. Later while she was in the community hall she overhead the lady that was so hateful to the things of the Lord exclaim to another lady, "I don't know what they did to that darn poster but when I tried to take it down something like electricity zapped me!"

Mabel is praising God for His answer to a simple prayer done in sincerity.