Testimonials and Reviews

I am a firm believer in the use of the anointing oils and incense. The power that comes forth is beyond anything we can ever imagine. Only God can do these things.

Sometimes the results are immediate as with Scott & Laura. Sometimes things are changing and we don't realize it as with Joan and her husband. Sometimes Satan will try to lash out at you and cause the people involved to rise up in anger as with Patty.

Remember: GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU THAN HE THAT IS THE WORLD. Tell Satan to take a hike!

We love hearing of the wonderful miracles of the "Resident anointing" and the beauty His Presence when the incense is used. We would love to hear from you to give all the Glory to God.

Please email us with your testimony.

God Bless,

Karen Fletcher


Lion of Judah Anointing Oil

Karen, I purchased a few oils and a charm for my daughter for her birthday in Dec. 2014.  She is a lover of Christ but had recently married and lost touch with her first love.  After receiving the oils, mainly the Lion of Judah she said she felt empowered, and feels a boldness like never before. She has taken it to the streets. Your note included in her package somehow sparked what was already inside and I truly love for that. Thank you for creating a Godly business and really putting the customer first!

Frankincense & Myrrh Anointing Oil 

Karen---I had to share my experience at a healing service on or about Dec 3,2011.

There was a young man totally dedicated to the Lord and all the promises contained in the Holy Bible I witnessed disfigured flesh restored through the power of the Holy Spirit through this young man. His work for the Lord will center in campus ministry after an internship. I want to add that I let him use the Frankincense and Myrrh. I believe your love of the Lord and praying over these oils had a great deal to do with the success of this healing service.

Love in Our Lord...George, Newberry Mich


Just wanted you to know I received the Talit either Thursday or Friday of last week and it is absolutely beautiful.

Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas and a serene and prosperous New Year. 

Anointing Oil and Incense together 

Karen: Just wanted to share a couple things. God has been dealing with me to burn incense while I pray and to anoint “things” through His name. I saw many places on the net to buy from, but most were of a cultic nature, and I refused to fill “their” pockets. Then I found your website and instantly knew I’d be buying from you. I just received a partial order last Friday and God has already moved. Saturday night around 2 AM I was awakened by a rain storm. I got up to watch it from the sunroom and started feeling impressed to pray. There’s 146,000 people who die every day worldwide. God has given me a burden for them, so I pray and intercede for them each morning. In the sunroom I began to weep and asked God to touch the lost souls “who are almost “gone”----those words just flew out of my mouth. It was a revelation. I instantly felt a power and was impressed to use the anointing oil, which I hadn't opened yet. As a point of contact, I got down and anointed the area rug in three places (symbolic of the trinity), three different times for these souls (once for salvation, once for healing and once for deliverance). It was a beautiful and moving experience as the Holy Spirit directed the words that came from my mouth. Afterward, I sat down crying and a voice said “anoint yourself”. I immediately did just that and goose bumps ran up and down my spine as I wept…….what a powerful, precious God.

It’s just like Him to work so soon after receiving the oil. It has already increased my faith and I’m anxious to see how he uses it through me in the future. I love getting closer to our Lord and just wanted to re-affirm what I’m sure others have told you……that your ministry does TOUCH and is anointed by Him! He truly is a great big God ! 

Temple Oil

Isn't it awesome what God is doing! I gave my friend a whiff of the anointing oil. He was duly impressed. In any case, it really affected me and I kept waking up at night praying in tongues and seeing souls come running to the Lord.


Brides Anointing Oil 

Hi Karen

Just to let you know the Bride's Anointing Oil has arrived safely here in England.

Things have certainly changed in the spirit around my house after i anointed the four corners, door posts and beds!! Cassias, myrrh and aloe healing and birthing the true first born church in this nation.........

And out in the world too..............

Hyssop Incense Sticks

Name: Greg

Location: Kentucky 

Review: Hyssop Incense Sticks: These are easily my favorite fragrance to burn. Not overpowering and they last longer than most of my others. 

Rating: 5

Amber Vials - Standard Caps - 5/8 dram & 1 dram
Name: Beverly
Location: Maryland
Review: Satisfied with the vials. They were a good buy. Thanks!
Rating: 5

Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oils
Name: Pastor Sherrie 
Location: Roaring Spring
Review: Best oil available on the market. Only oil that I use for anointing the sick, newly baptized or general anointing use. Fragrance is elegant and fresh!
Rating: 5

Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oil - Conference Size

Name: Pastor Sherrie 
Location: Claysburg
Review: Perfect size for use during a worship service. This is the best anointing oil and is of good quality. This is the only oil I use. I know the person praying over the oil and that it is made according to scripture. Karen sends everything out immediately and I received my oil within a couple of days. 
Rating: 5

Hyssop Incense 
Name: Minerva
Review: I love ALL of your products. I can’t express how much I enjoy my prayer time and lighting the incense. It calms my spirit and I feel so much peace. Thank you. 
Rating: 5

Brides Anointing Oil - Conference Size
Name: Minerva 
Location: TEXAS 
Review: I love this scent. I use it everyday and bought as gifts for my friends. They love it too. 
Rating: 5

Conference Oils
Product Name: Rose of Sharon Anointing Oil - Conference Size
Headline: Lead Pastor
Name: Robert Hile Jr.
Location: Butler, PA
Review: We distribute the small conference sized oils to our congregation each new year for our 21 days of fasting and prayer. We are very pleased with the products, the price, and especially the wonderful personal service we receive. I highly recommend this vendor and her products.
Rating: 5

Product Name: Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oils
Headline: Always excellent
Location: Wildwood
Review: Karen: I have never been disappointed with any of your product offerings. I have used this and most all of the anointing oils you have available and I am very pleased each time. No one can go wrong with your oils. Many blessings to you and yours.