Gary and Michelle - business

Their business was falling apart. It didn't seem to matter what they did things just got worse.

Gary and Michelle, a Christian couple, owned a second hand shop. Gary was on disability so he could only do limited things. Since Michelle's part-time job only brought in a small amount they thought starting a little second hand business on the side would help make ends meet. It just didn't seem to be working. The building they leased was on a prime location but hardly anyone came in. The money was so slow that the water was turned off and then the phone was turned off. It seemed things couldn't get any worse.

They were about to learned how a person can curse ourselves by the things they bring into their lives. God can only bless the blessable………………..

This story is a delight to me personally because the Lord used me to teach them.

I ran across this little store while on vacation the summer of 1998. As I walked through the store the Lord began to tell me to anoint the place with anointing oil and pray over it. Trying not to be noticed I slowly walked through the place and anointed the counters, the various merchandise, the doors, the windows, the floor, and anything else the Lord told me to. I also prayed the Lord would open a door for me to share with the couple what I was seeing.

In amongst the second hand merchandise were little statues of idols, sexual explicit items, and a large selection of secular romance novels. Remember if the Holy Spirit can leave the residence of the anointing on items satan will and does counterfeit and will leave his residence.

Later that day the Lord did open a door to speak with this couple. They were very open to what I had to share. We asked God to bless the blessable in the shop and asked for forgiveness for not being more careful of the second hand merchandise they had taken in.

That night Gary stayed late at the store. He filled the dumpster full of all the items we had found. He hadn't even thought about the romance novels until he started to throw them out. He found such joy as he completed his task.

The next day when Gary opened the store he was amazed at the business. He sold more in one day then he had in weeks. A man came in and offered to buy all of his used appliances for rental houses. He sold two cars that were set out on the front lot and many, many other items throughout the store. The next day was the same and so on. God will bless the blessable.