John - unsaved friend

John had learned about anointing oil and anointing cloths at his church. He was told the power of prayer in connection with the anointing cloths was very powerful and could turn a person’s heart towards Jesus.

John's friend was heavy into the drug culture. John wanted his friend to change and turn his life over to Jesus. In faith, he anointed coffee filters with anointing oil to use as anointing cloths and placed them under his friend's bed.

The next morning John’s friend shared with him that something must be wrong with his bed. He was not able to sleep and even had tried turning the mattress over during the night. The next night the man still couldn't sleep, so he moved to the couch.

Undeterred, John decided he would not give up and anointed the couch with anointing oil. Again the next day his friend complained of being very restless and still unable to sleep.

Again, the following night John anointed the coffee filters again with anointing oil and placed them under his friend’s carpet.

Desperate for sleep, the man went outside and slept on the porch swing. During this entire episode, John's friend felt a deep conviction coming on him about his unhealthy lifestyle. Within a short time he turned his life over to Jesus!