Linda - hungry for more

Linda contacted us in great stress. Her husband was not living a strong Christian life and seemed to be slipping back into the world. We told her about the anointing oil and some teaching tapes we had and offered to send them to her. I tried to email these notes to her for her to have as instructions on how to use the oil. The computer to which sent the email to broke down so she did not receive these teachings. I had already anointed the cloths for the purpose of her using them on her family. The anointing prayed over the cloths was for a deeper hunger for the Lord and for deliverance of the bondage her family was in. When Linda received the package she was delighted to see the cloths and immediately anointed them for her to have a good nights sleep. (She had failed to let us know she had not been able to have a restful nights sleep in a very long time). When we talked to her a couple days later she told us what she had done and that she was sleeping like a baby. Then Linda began to weep and share with us how she had such a hunger to grow deeper in the Lord. How the only thing she desired was to be able to walk up to someone and tell them about Jesus with no hesitation. Remember what I said I prayed over the cloths? Linda had reaped the anointing prayed over the cloths by using them herself without realizing what she had done. Linda's hunger grew and grew to know the Lord deeper.

She was not able to find satisfaction in the church she was going to. We had sent her some tapes by an evangelist friend of us, which ministered to her greatly. She called and asked if it was possible to go to a meeting if she was able to come to our area. The Lord provided a few days off, an ok from her husband and super low airline tickets.

Linda was on her way. Upon arrival the Lord gave her favor and she was able to have a private lunch and teaching session with the evangelist before she left. During the lunch he talked to her about anointing clothes. He told her if she brought one to the meeting that evening he would pray over it for her husband.

During the time between meetings we began to talk of the days events. She was looking forward to the meeting and the anointing of the cloth but still had some doubts because nothing had seemed to happen with husband. I had not told her about the anointing of the cloths I had done to the cloths I sent her. I looked over at Linda and said, "Remember the cloths I sent to you that you anointed to have a good nights sleep?" She looked at me with question in her face and said, "Yes". I told her I anointed them before I sent them for a deeper hunger for the Lord. Linda's face turned white with the realization of what I was saying. "It works!" she exclaimed with a big smile. "Yes, it works Linda".

The last we heard from Linda was she is on fire and praising the Lord

(UPDATE) Linda had called and was getting a bit discouraged again about her husband. Even after taking the cloths back that the evangelist anointed nothing seemed to be happening. Yes, she was more on fire than ever. The Lord was working mighty miracles in Linda and using her in many ways opening doors to minister in various places. But her husband was still a concern. We continued to tell her to hang in there. God was at work even if she couldn't see it. Then this last week we received a call. Linda and her husband were at a wedding in which a well known evangelist was also in attendance. Linda's husband walked up to the evangelist and told him he had been really wanting more of God the way the evangelist had. The evangelist grabbed his hand right there in the middle of the reception and prayed. When Linda's husband walked back to her and told her what he had done she was amazed. Her husband is on fire and her prayers are being answered.