Rebecca - anointed diaper bags

Rebecca ran a home daycare business. She wanted to reach the parents of the children she cared for. No matter what she tried the door just didn't seem to open to share with the parents. She was able to teach the children many things about the Lord with the parent's ok but was still not reaching the parents the way she wanted to.

Rebecca learned about how to make anointing cloths with anointing oils and the power of them. The thought came to her one day, why couldn't she place anointing cloths in the children's bags for the purpose of sending home the anointing of the Holy Spirit to open doors in the families so she could share about what Jesus had done for her.

To her complete amazement and delight within only a matter of days the doors began to open to share. The parents were so receptive to what she had to say. The ones that she was not able to share with directly began to ask questions about where a good church might be that they could start taking the children to.

Today Rebecca still places anointing cloths made with anointing oil in all the new children's bags with the same results.

She has seen parents who were deeply hurt in other churches return to church and become on fire for the Lord. She has had chances to pray with those who were sick and those who had tragedy in their homes.

Rebecca knows the anointing cloths works. She stands on the scripture in Acts 19:12 where Paul sent out cloths and aprons to those who were afflicted and they were healed.